maandag, september 5

# Sans Online #

Remember Sans Online?
The online shop where I told you guys a while ago about.
You can read the previous article here!

Summer is over, but that isn't so bad when you know these 2 words: NEW. COLLECTION.
Yes! Autumn means new collections, so new clothes!
I've already bought some shoes, but I'm still looking out for the rest.
Also Sans Online is getting ready for autumn/winter.
I'm sure you know the 'chino', right? You can find loads of in their collection!
My favourite;

But also the confedential jeans is back!
My favourite;

Jeansjackets are still very popular these days..

And also these awesome items:

Are you already ready for autumn?


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the pink looking pants!
    Have a look at my blog too!
    Love, Charlie

  2. zitte echt zo'n luek stukken tussen :)
    Ik ben echt weg van de blauwe trui en de gestreepte shirt :)

  3. Ik ben helemaal weg van... alles! Super leuke items!

  4. Leuke dingen heb je uitgezocht, ik vind die twee blauwe dingetjes op de 4e foto het leukst :)

  5. die blauwe haarband (?) is echt wel cool!