donderdag, september 1

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The first of September means school.

This is my fifth year in highschool and I'm following economics modern languages.
I think that I've chosen the right direction, but we'll see.
This morning we were attended at school at 9 am, so I could sleep until 07.45 am.
There are 9 newbies in my class, so that's a big change! Normally we have a really small grade and everybody knows everybody, but that changes now. I don't mind, change is a good thing.
In the morning we've got some explanations about the reglement and stuff like that and in the afternoon the lessons started. Well, actually it was just getting to know eachother.
A boring, exhausting day at school..
I think that tomorrow will be boring too, because it's again getting to know eachother.
But this year will be fun, I hope.

How was your first day?


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