dinsdag, oktober 4

# Antwerp #

I had no school yesterday, so I went on a shoppingtrip with 3 friends to Antwerp!
I have been in Antwerp before, but it was actually the very first time that I've been shopping there.
When we got of the train, I saw Starbucks everywhere and I was so happy! I love Starbucks. I drunk a hazelnut hot chocolate as breakfast.
First we went to the forever 21. I expected a lot and WOW, it's so huge! And the employee's are very nice and helpful. We were there for about 2 hours haha. We also went to the Urban Outfitters and I think that I might have found my new favourite shop. I wanted to buy everything, but I already bought a lot at the forever 21 so I've got only one skirt. River Island was also nice. I bought a body butter at h&m because we haven't such things in our h&m in Kortrijk. It smells delicious!
Here are a lot of photos taken with an Iphone from my friend. Enjoy!

my outfit: blouse from object (via, shorts from America Today, Cuff from h&m, vintage bag, unknown sandals

walking in antwerp with lots of bags ;)

we were a little bit weird that day, so we pretended that we were tourists haha!

Again in the streets!

the forever 21 was OH EM GEE, so huge! We've spent there more than 2 hours, but the shop is so big

new clothes!

a happy marie going back home after an exhausting day :) (earings from 'Zivi accesoires' on facebook)


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Antwerpen is altijd leuk :D
    Mooi topje!

  2. Leuk dat je naar Antwerpen bent gekomen om te shoppen! :D Urban outfitters is ook mijn favo shop! Echt zo'n mooie winkel!

  3. Dankjewel voor je comment :)
    Antwerpen is mijn favoriet op shoppinggebied, vooral de kleine straatjes rond de Kammenstraat en de Nationalestraat zijn echt leuk!