zondag, oktober 16

# What I have been up to #

Hello dear bloggers (and also a big welcome to my new followers ;)!

Last week I was sick and by sick I mean feaver, low bloodpressure, the usual.
Fortunately I feel better since Saturday. So Saturday I went to the hairdresser, I want my hair to be really long but it didn't look healthy anymore so I only let the little ends cut. I also wanted my hair browner (I found some blond pieces, hell no!) so I asked for a conditioner  that turns my hair a little bit darker. The result is really natural. I bought the conditioner so do you want me to write about it?

ugh i know, crappy webcam quality

In the night I went babysitting (money!) and I had lots of fun with the boy (he's really cute!).
Today I'm going to be studying, cause I have to bleh.

And are there any requests for posts? Like a roomtour, a what's in my purse, I don't know, it's up to you!
I also made tumblr, well not really made because I already had one but I didn't use it so ;), take a look if you want to and maybe you can follow me?

See you guys!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik wil m'n haren ook lang maar ze gaan zo snel kapot :( succes met het laten groeien! ^_^

  2. Vind het altijd leuk om de favoriete kledingstukken uit je eigenlijk kledingkast te zien :)