zondag, november 6

# What I have been up to #

It has been so busy!
I don't know where to start so let's begin from the 28th of October, the start of my holiday.

28/10 - 31/10
I went on a weekend with the scouts and I've had a great time!
Fridayevening we went out for some bowling with only my year (our complete group consists of 3 years), I love bowling with the scouts! Then Saturday the other ones joined us and we did a Peking Express to get to our location. And you are never going to believe me where we slept:

can you find me ;)?
ON A BOAT!! Isn't that amazing? Such a pity that it was only for 2 days..
Mondayevening I came back home.

The first of November, traditionally I went to my granny for her delicious selfmade waffles. So good! Unfortunately I don't have a photo so I can't make you guys jealous. But enjoy this weheartit variant:


02/11 - 03/11
I haven't told you what I've got for my sweet sixteen but yes, I'VE GOT A TRIP TO LONDON WITH MY MUM! Thanks to the most awesome family in the world!! It was really awesome and I've shopped so much that I can't see another store anymore..

Pictures will follow

Did some schoolwork with a friend, nothing special...

Went working and busted 2 teachers who have apparently a relationship haha.

Tomorrow school so no lazy Sunday for me :(

Updated enough? I think so :)

Oh and be prepared for some new photographs soon!

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